What is a cremation service?

Cremation services usually involve a gathering of family and friends and a cremation committal to say goodbye to a loved one. There may be a funeral service at a church or different venue before moving to the crematorium for the committal, or a religious or non-religious service may take place at the crematorium before the cremation. Following the cremation at a later date, the ashes will be returned to the loved ones of the deceased. A ceremony and cremation is an alternative final disposition to a burial service and a direct cremation separates funeral and cremation by not holding a service or inviting guests.

Cremation services can be shorter than burials, as the actual cremation generally isn’t attended by guests. There is ample time for eulogies, speeches and music, so don’t hesitate to discuss a variety of options with your local funeral director. It is important to know not all service venues have a crematorium, so check the facilities and transport needs for the nearest, or your chosen crematorium first.

A cremation committal is a short ceremony at the crematorium before the physical cremation takes place. At a cremation committal, the coffin is typically obscured from view by curtains at the end of the cremation service. It is however possible for the coffin to remain viewable during the send-off. 

Memorial Donations or Flowers?

Many people now request that instead of bringing flowers, they prefer for mourners to make a donation to a specific charity that is particularly close to their hearts. This is such a positive gesture as often a sizeable contribution is made in memory of their loved one.

The funeral director will offer to collect the money on your behalf and either pay it in for you (providing you with a letter of receipt) or you can request the collection and make the deposit yourself. Many charities will send you donation envelopes in advance which can be given out with the Order of Service when people arrive at the service venue.  Usually, if requested the charitable organisation will forward a letter of thanks made in the name of the deceased, which is a nice memento for the family to keep.

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