Pre-Arranged Ceremonies

With the growing rise in the popularity of pre-paid funeral plans, designed to take the stress and financial burden away from families, more people are also arranging their own Funeral Ceremony too.​ 

Often we are not comfortable talking to loved ones about the details of how we would like our own passing marked; about the type of service, music choices and the other details that make a Funeral Ceremony so unique and personal. It is therefore often left to close family members to make these choices and decisions on behalf of the person who has passed. Choices that have to be made at a time when they may be least able to make them.

I offer to meet with you to design a pre-arranged Ceremony for either yourself or for someone whose funeral you will have responsibility for arranging. I can meet with you and your closest family members and between us we can design your perfect Ceremony. A Ceremony that will mean so much to those attending, knowing it was designed and arranged by yoursel.

Pre-Planned Ceremonies

My fee for a Pre-Planned Ceremony is £160

This will include our meeting, the production of the Ceremony and the provision of the completed Ceremony for you to keep. This does not however, cover the cost of the actual Ceremony delivery as I would be unable to guarantee my availability on the particular day. The fee for producing a Pre-Planned Ceremony is payable directly to me prior to the delivery of the completed documents. 

My fee for delivering a Pre-Planned Ceremony that I have written is £60.

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