A Tribute to Life

A Tribute to Life

A civil funeral service is an alternative to a traditional religious service. It offers freedom of choice with regard to the style, content and delivery of the ceremony. It is regarded as an opportunity to celebrate the life of loved ones through a special and unique tribute that truly reflects their personality. It is presented in a dignified manner which is appropriate, respectful and fitting. 

Together we will create a eulogy that tells their life story perfectly. It will include the memories you cherish most fondly and the moments that made you smile, into a most wonderful story to be told to all that attend the service. 

A civil funeral service can be semi-religious, traditional, spiritual, formal, alternative or symbolic. There are no restrictions to abide by as such services are uniquely designed and created specifically to your request. The service can incorporate readings, tributes, poems, prayers, music and a reflective silence. 

Civil funerals can be held anywhere other than in a religious building. This service is therefore appropriate for a crematorium or any non-religious burial site. 

A Celebration of Life Service

This is usually how a funeral ceremony is organised, however you may not wish for some of these elements to be included or you may request other aspects not mentioned.

Music on Entry  
Words of welcome
Thoughts on life and death from a non-religious perspective
The tribute – an outline of the life and personality of the person
Contributions from family or friends
Readings of poetry or psalms
Music and a time for quiet reflection
The Committal and words of farewell
Closing words to include thanks on your behalf and any announcements
Music on Exit

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